My story
Gunter von Gokels is a striking-looking, 2 year old German Shepherd/Malinois mix. Gorgeous and sweet, Gunter is the life of the party and, if there isnt a party already, he brings it! Hes beaming positivity, and loves bringing a smile to your face. Gunter will never say no to a new adventure with you. So, as you might have guessed, he loves his time outside on walks. He can get too eager and pull, so someone who will be able to continue his leash training will be the perfect match for Gunter. After a long walk (or hike or run), Gunter is ready for some affection. Belly rubs, head scratches, you-name-it -- Gunter will enjoy it all, and he might give little kisses in return. When it comes to other dogs, Gunter is social and excited to forge new friendships, but he could use some more guidance in how to do that calmly, without overwhelming other dogs (and he is not a fan of cats). All in all, Gunter will only bring the happiest of days to your life, and hes excited to have a partner in adventure to learn from and, more importantly, love. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN Gunter von Gokels YOU MUST FILL OUT AN ADOPTION APPLICATION AT OUR WEBSITE: link: /Application_to_Adopt_a_Dog.html

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